Hiya all

help us fix (or convince us not to care about):

* No atomic section is open (got LocalFile::lockingTransaction)[0]

We've been on 1.36.0-wmf.27 for two weeks which is 1,038 changes behind 1.36.0-wmf.30 (the latest branch).

The remaining issue is: "No atomic section is open (got LocalFile::lockingTransaction)"[0]

We're not sure about the impact of this log message. Holding the train is our most effective tool to ensure that the log messages that we see don't hurt users.

We need to solve this by Monday or we will remain on wmf.27 for another week.

Any help you can provide is sincerely appreciated. Any feedback on how to communicate about log messages more clearly so they get the attention they need in a timely manner is also appreciated!

-- Tyler