We are happy to announce that Umherirrender has received this quarter's Web Perf Hero award.

Umherirrender has initiated and carried out significant improvements to the performance of MediaWiki user preferences (T278650, T58633 , and T291748). The impact is felt widely and throughout Wikimedia sites. For example, when switching languages via the ULS selector, or exploring Beta Features and Gadgets, or switching skins. These are all powered by the MediaWiki "Preferences" component.

The work included implementing support for deferred message parsing in more HTMLForm classes, and applying this to the Echo and Gadgets extensions. This cut API latency by over 50%, from 0.7s to 0.3s at the median, and 1.2s to 0.5s at p95. (See graphs at T278650#7130951).

This ward is given to individuals who have gone above and beyond to improve the performance of Wikimedia Foundation sites. It's awarded once a quarter, and takes the form of a Phabricator badge

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-- Timo Tijhof, on behalf of Wikimedia Performance Team.