dear all,
   so we have just completed  a major upgrade of the following extension
and it's now available on gerrit
thanks a lot to @Zoranzoki21 for reviewing the code 
and making the deployment possible
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Subject: Re: [Wikitech-l] Small Wiki Tools User Feedback Survey
   thanks for pointing out this, (T294343)
I did not expect they were installed on the 
Wikimedia foundation sites, just 
that one could rely on their own wiki
to perform surveys.
As a contributor of the extension,
I've added recently a feature to get
spreadsheet results (stored on the wiki)
besides by email, so we will update
the community as soon as it will
be completed.
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Subject: [Wikitech-l] Re: Small Wiki Tools User Feedback Survey

On Tue, 2021-12-21 at 08:28 +0100, wrote:
>    for the survey I would suggest you to take
> a look to the following extension

As already pointed out, investigating a change of the workflow at this
stage of a survey is not feasible. (For more info, see for
steps that would be needed to get an extension deployed on servers).

This isn't the first time that the issue of relying on third-party
services for surveys has been brought up. I've boldly created for this broader topic.

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