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From: Elena Lappen <>
Date: Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 6:27 PM
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Call for insights on ways to better communicate the work of the movement
To: Wikimedia Mailing List <>

Dear all,

The Movement Strategy recommendations published this year made clear the importance of establishing stronger communications within our movement.

To this end, the Foundation wants to gather insights from communities on ways we all might more consistently communicate about our collective work, and better highlight community contributions from across the movement. Over the coming months, we will be running focus groups and online discussions to collect these insights. Individual focus groups will include 10-15 volunteers who will be asked to share insights on specific questions as part of a facilitated discussion. 

How can we best communicate with your community on an ongoing basis? In what ways does the Foundation currently support your work?  We ask you to share your thoughts on these and other questions by signing up for a focus group by the end of Wednesday, 2 December, or participating in the discussion on Meta-Wiki [1].

We would like to collect feedback from across the movement, representing a wide range of insights and opinions. We will be working to build as many focus groups as possible, but want to be upfront that we may face limitations on the number of groups we can convene based on the level of interest. However, if you would like to discuss your thoughts in detail, we are also offering the chance to connect with the Communications team in other ways, including individual and group meetings and office hours [2].

Initial discussions are happening between now and January 2021. We invite you to join the conversation, and look forward to working together to explore some important questions.


Elena Lappen (she/her)
Community Relations Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation