I just wanted to say a big "Thank you!" as well, because the new design looks really amazing, especially in dark mode. <3

Best regards,

нед, 6. нов 2022. у 22:24 Brian King <bking@wikimedia.org> је написао/ла:

Thanks for putting the extra effort into documenting your process. It is very much appreciated!


Brian King
SRE, Search Platform Team
Wikimedia Foundation
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On Nov 3, 2022, at 6:46 PM, Krinkle <krinkle@fastmail.com> wrote:

I've redesigned the Zuul status page at https://integration.wikimedia.org/zuul/ (or view demo if its idle/empty).

This was the last of our microsites and productivity tools where we still used the Twitter Bootstrap design, rather than Wikimedia Design Style Guide. It now fits well with the others, such as doc.wikimedia.orgresearch.wikimedia.org, and performance.wikimedia.org.

As a fun excercise, I also optimised it. It now transfers 80% less data and loads upto 5X faster (time to visual complete). The details may be of interest to others as example of iterative refactoring on legacy code (code linked below).

For a visual side-by-side and an overview of the bug fixes, design tweaks, and perf improvements; refer to my post at:

Timo Tijhof
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