Have we considered asking upstream Phabricator to e.g.  a non-blocking mode for a Herald rule? These would e.g. be processed post-send in PHP or in some other queued manner internally. It would likely need to be restricted and (to avoid notification complexity) might also be automatically tied to the action being "silent" like we do for these bots.

This might not replace the bot, but it would be a more widely useful and beneficial investment perhaps.

-- Timo

On Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 3:23 PM Amir Sarabadani <ladsgroup@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm really sorry for sending email to such a large venue but I couldn't find a better mailing list. Feel free to ignore this email if you don't do anything with Herald rules.

Herald rules, a set of rules in phabricator to automate the work, are expensive and slowly making saving any change on phabricator slower and slower. You can take a look at this ticket.

As the result, we have been migrating these rules to maintenance bot. Which means changes won't be immediately applied anymore (and it'll take up to an hour and they will be post-change).

If you see your Herald rule has been disabled, please don't enable it. If you want to change it, you can make a PR in the maintenance bot source code. Please avoid introducing new Herald rules if there's a similar functionality supported by the bot. Just add it to the work list of the bot. An exception would be on time-sensitive tickets. Like handling UBN ones. They will stay as Herald rules.

Any sort of change to improve documentation, code health, adding new functionality so we can migrate more Herald rules, or migrating existing ones would be greatly appreciated. If there are bugs, feel free to create a ticket for it.

You can also create email filters to ignore emails triggered by maintenance bot (which its activity will increase).

Amir (he/him)

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