I’m looking for guidance on installer overrides and how to add to the web installer interface. Mainly to add SMW and other extensions to the end of LocalSettings.php automatically.


Greetings. I manage a small semantic mediawiki. I have been told that other facilities similar to mine would find it useful. To facilitate this, I have created an Amazon machine image of the full installed wiki with SMW, Visual Editor, and such. Along with the SMW data structures and queries in place. 

Originally, I was going to include instructions on changing the LocalSettings.php file manually, but ideally, I would like to modify the installer to include the needed config info for SMW and the other added extensions. Most of it will be straight appending of text to the end of LocalSettings.php, but the SecureHTML extension requires a bit of input that I would like to add to the web installer.

I noted the installer override README, and I know it should work for my needs, but I have a few questions:

•What installer step is ideal to trigger the override if I want to add text to the end of the file?

•Can I use an installer override to add a field to the web installer?

•I haven’t found much on Google about this, other than one project on GitHub, so any advice on a tutorial or notes would be greatly appreciated.