I'm happy to share that the next Web Perf Hero award goes to SD0001, in recognition of their many contributions and positive impact on the performance of Wikimedia software. I'll share two major examples.

SD0001 implemented Package files for Gadgets (T198758). This enables gadget maintainers to bundle JSON files, unpacked via require(). This improves performance by avoiding delays from extra web requests. It also improves security by allowing safe contributions to JSON pages, as pure data with validated syntax on-edit. Previously, admins on Wikimedia wikis for example, would need script editing access for this and rely on copy-paste instructions from another person via the talk page.

SD0001 also introduced Module::getSkins in ResourceLoader, and used it in the startup module to optimise away unneeded module registrations. We just shipped the first adoption of this for Gadgets (T236603). In the future, we'll use this to optimise MediaWiki's own skin modules as well.

This award is given once a quarter, and manifests as a Phabricator badge.

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-- Timo Tijhof, on behalf of WMF Performance Team.