Would anyone be interest in a session about triaging tickets ?

One of things I do quite often is just take a project in Phabricator and go through the tickets and determine if:
* The problem (still) exists
* Additional information can be gathered
* Proper projects, tags and work board columns have been applied
* Set a priority
* Ping any person that I think might be able to give more input and/or could fix or need to know about the ticket

This is work that doesn't require too much of a commitment and can often be done by most community members if they have a bit of a technical background and can be very useful to other developers as you make the tickets more actionable and better navigable, saving ppl time.

So I was thinking, maybe I could do this in the first part of the session showing how I do this ?
And then maybe others could participate as we go along and I help them if they get stuck or have questions?
I think it could work quite well in an online format.


On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 5:25 AM Haley Lepp <hlepp@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hello all!

Are you planning to attend the Wikimedia Hackathon from May 20-22 next month? We hope to see you there!

The main event will be held online. We have an open call for sessions on our schedule page. If you'd like to host a session, you can simply pick an open slot in the category which best fits your topic. The developer advocacy team also put together some suggestions for how to create a fun session.

You can also add project ideas to the Phabricator Board.

We will share more information soon about how to join the online space and where to find local meetups.

Take care!
Haley and the Hackathon Committee

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