Thank you very much for the change! I don't use the visual editor for mediawiki.org, but I think the new format will also make editing it easier for everyone, by editing easily single day schedules.

Thank you a lot!

On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 11:19 PM Tyler Cipriani <tcipriani@wikimedia.org> wrote:
tl;dr: The deployment calendar format will change in 2 weeks (2021-04-05) to make it easier to edit with visual editor https://w.wiki/a3b

I updated the deployment calendar for the week of 2021-04-05[0] to use a different format than in the past (compare to next week[1]). My hope is that this new format will make it much easier to schedule deployment windows and to schedule patches for backports using Visual Editor.

Also, selfishly, less squinting at Wikitext for me :)

All credit for the new format goes to Timo Tijhof. Thank you Timo!

Thanks all!
-- Tyler

Jaime Crespo