Wikitech-l February 2021
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by Jeremy Baron
1 year, 1 month

List related to repositories which haven't mediawiki/mediawiki-codesniffer
by Zoran Dori
1 year, 3 months

Performance regression expected with Debian Buster upgrade
by Kunal Mehta
3 years

Fatal exception when calling replaceVariables() from parser hook, after upgrade to MW 1.34
by Mark Clements (HappyDog)
3 years

Bracket matching in wikitext available on first wikis
by Johanna Strodt
3 years

deployment server upgrade and switch to deploy1002
by Daniel Zahn
3 years, 1 month

Introducing VideoCutTool version 0.4
by Gopa Vasanth
3 years, 1 month

(no subject)
by ธิชาเมฆภัทร มหิดล
3 years, 1 month

Issue with jitsi - Anyone knows why?
by Amir Sarabadani
3 years, 1 month

Code of conduct committee call for new members
by Amir Sarabadani
3 years, 1 month
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