Best Amir !


Thank you for your work and time, getting this info out.


Take Care


// Peter.



 Amir, all personal / Contact info intentionally abscent due to internets current status, White Hats, Black Hats ( are here symbols for the webs population, are the ones you know how/what/why about ) its another story all together regarding ”Grey Hats”, independent if they personally  are driven by a  personal agenda, if they sitting in Asia censuring the webb, if the are personal pets of a regimes dictatorial leader, or situated in Maryland at the Fort M, Langley Virginia, Tennessee, San Diego, Washington DC or London by the Themes, are all good reasons to be patient and wait for a return mail ( to see/get nfo/seek fotprints etc. )

If you just let me know i will include complete Contact info by the next mail.



Take Care Be Aware and Always dare.  😊


// P.



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Från: Amir Sarabadani
Skickat: den 4 oktober 2018 20:52
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Ämne: Re: [Wikitech-ambassadors] [Wikitech-l] [Engineering] Translations onhold until further notice


There's no train next week. It's dc switch over.



On Thu, Oct 4, 2018, 20:49 Chase Pettet <> wrote:

We managed to successfully get changes rolling through CI on Wednesday.
Translations are being merged but not deployed nightly, and will go out
with the normal train (next week?).  Nothing has been resolved officially
or announced because it's still tentative at this point.  Hopefully, it's
smooth sailing but we'll see.  More details to come when we know for sure
where we stand.



On Thu, Oct 4, 2018 at 12:47 PM Bartosz Dziewoński <>

> Good news: l10n-bot appears to be exporting translations again. I assume
> crisis has been averted.
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