Hi everyone,

Last year, the Community Tech team did a survey for a community wishlist to decide what we should be working on throughout the year. Since it's useful to have a list of tasks from the Wikimedia communities, it's also been used by other developers, been the focus of Wikimedia hackathons and so on. You can see what's been happening to the wishes if you look at the status column here:

We're now in the voting phase. It would be much appreciated if you could take the time to spread the news about this in your community – post on the Village Pumps and other relevant community pages, but also other channels where Wikimedians might see this. Regional mailing lists, Facebook groups, IRC channels and so on.

You and your communities can vote here:

(We will be using a CentralNotice banner too, but it's very helpful if people post in the communities where they're active if they think this is worth spreading the word about – people pay more attention that way.)

Voting will close on December 12.

//Johan Jönsson