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This week’s train will add a new option to the user preferences: People with rollback rights can add a confirmation prompt to their rollback links, if they want to.

While most people with rollback rights want to use them to revert vandalism quickly, some people prefer a confirmation prompt. Contributors from German Wikipedia have asked for this, because quite a lot of people on dewiki accidentally click on the rollback link, e.g. when they want to thank someone. But there are also people in other wikis who use various methods to prevent themselves from accidentally rolling back.

Wikimedia Germany’s Technical Wishes team[1] has now built a confirmation prompt that works inline, like the thanks notification.

  • On German Wikipedia, the confirmation prompt for rollbacks will be activated as a default. Users who want to rollback quickly can turn it off individually in their user settings.[2]
  • In most wikis, this confirmation prompt will be switched off by default. In these wikis, you can turn it on individually if you want to.[3]

The planned deployment date for the confirmation prompt is March 26-28 on all wikis except dewiki. Please see the project page for more information.[4] Feedback is always welcome on the central feedback page.[5]



for the Technical Wishes team



[3] e.g.




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