I have three CirrusSearch updates:
1. is now live as a secondary.  You can test it by adding &srbackend=CirrusSearch to the url of the search results page.  If you have any trouble you can send email directly to me or file a bug at

2.  I've scheduled more deployments:
itwiki November 14
plwiktionary November 14
wikimedias November 19
wikimanias November 19
wikisources November 19
wiktionaries November 21
The schedule is here:

3.  Since I haven't heard of any search problems I think it is time to switch the wikis running CirrusSearch as a secondary to primary.  I certainly don't want to break anything but so far it looks like everything is working very well.  So each wiki that has CirrusSearch as a secondary will have a date scheduled to switch it to primary.  If we/you/the community that you represent discover a bug that makes CirrusSearch worse than the current search we'll make sure to deploy the fix plenty of time before the date or we'll push the date back.

I think each wiki deserves two weeks to test Cirrus so I'll schedule the date accordingly.  For nlwiki it'd be 2013/11/28.  For itwiki and plwiktionary it'll be 2013/12/3.

I'd like to switch the wikis that have CirrusSearch as a secondary now to primary on 2013/11/21.  All of them will have had two weeks to try it out by then.

Again, we'll push the dates if we think we'll make the experience worse.


Nik Everett