Dear Wikitech, 

I am writing to followup on this email thread from March when we Introduced the Wikimedia Enterprise API and began community conversations about the project’s development. I have just published an update on Wikimedia-l and on the Meta talkpage discussing various new documents and noting in particular that the project’s commercial launch will be next week. You can read the details at either of those links if you are interested.

On this mailing list I wanted to draw attention to the information in that update which is of particular relevance to the technical community: 

You will soon be able to access a copy of the Enterprise dataset, refreshed each fortnight, at the Wikimedia dumps portal. Furthermore a ‘daily dump + hourly diff’ version is also already available, via Wikimedia Cloud Services to any users of Toolforge, Cloud VPS, or PAWS. Both of these are provided to anyone, for free (in both ‘gratis’ and ‘libre’ senses of the word). 

Software development updates are published monthly on our page on MediaWiki (as is the API documentation). The work is coordinated on our Phabricator board.

Finally, If you would like to meet with, and ask any questions of, the Enterprise team (a.k.a. “Office hours”), the next public meeting is on Friday October 22 @ 1500 UTC on Zoom:


 Liam Wyatt [Wittylama]

On Tue, 16 Mar 2021 at 17:08, Liam Wyatt <> wrote:

Dear Wikitech/Wikitech-Ambassadors, 

Over the last few months, a small team at the Wikimedia Foundation has been working on a project that has been discussed by many people in our movement for many years: building ‘enterprise grade’ services for the high-volume commercial reusers of Wikimedia content. I am pleased to say that in a remarkably short amount of time (considering the complexity of the issues: technical, strategic, legal, and financial) we now have something worthy of showing to the community, and we are asking for your feedback. Allow me to introduce you to the Wikimedia Enterprise API project – formerly codenamed “okapi”.

While the general idea for Wikimedia Enterprise predates the current movement strategy process, its recommendations [0] identify an enterprise API as one possible solution to both “Increase the sustainability of our movement” and “Improve User Experience.” That is, to simultaneously create a new revenue stream to protect Wikimedia’s sustainability, and improve the quality and quantity of Wikimedia content available to our many readers who do not visit our websites directly (including more consistent attribution). Moreover, it does so in a way that is true to our movement’s culture: with open source software, financial transparency, non-exclusive contracts or content, no restrictions on existing services, and free access for Wikimedia volunteers who need it.

The team believes we are on target to achieve those goals and so we have written a lot of documentation you get your feedback about our progress and where it could be further improved before the actual product is ‘launched’ in the next few months. We have been helped in this process over the last several months by the approximately 100 individual volunteers (from many corners of the wikiverse) and representatives of affiliate organisations who have reviewed our plans and provided invaluable direction. Pointing out weaknesses and opportunities, or areas lacking clarity and documentation in our drafts. 

A essay describing the “why?” and the “how?” of this project is now on Meta:

Also now published on Meta are an extensive FAQ [1] and operating principles [2]. Much of this documentation is already available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

For technical specifics, the new documentation on describes the product strategy and roadmap, work currently underway, design documents, as well as infrastructure decisions and future plans: 

The team is particularly interested in your feedback on how we have designed the checks and balances to this project - to ensure it is as successful as possible at achieving those two goals described above while staying true to the movement’s values and culture. For example: Is everything covered appropriately in the “Principles” list? Is the technical documentation on clear? Are the explanations in the “FAQ” about free-access for community, or project’s legal structure, or the financial transparency (etc.) sufficiently detailed?

Meet the team and Ask Us Anything:

The central place to provide written feedback about the project in general is on the talkpage of the documentation on Meta at:

Equally, for technical comments or questions the talkpage on

On this Friday (March 19)  we will be hosting two “Office hours” conversations where anyone can come and give feedback or ask questions:

- 13:00 UTC via Zoom at

- 22:00 UTC via Zoom at (note: this is Saturday in Asia/Oceania)

Other “office hours” meetings can be arranged on-request on a technical platform of your choosing; and we will organise more calls in the future.

We will also be attending the next SWAN meetings (on March 21), and also the next of the Wikimedia Clinics 

Moreover, we would be very happy to accept any invitation to attend an existing group call that would like to discuss this topic (e.g. an affiliate’s members’ meeting).

On behalf of the Wikimedia Enterprise team,