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Hello everyone! I’d like to draw your attention to a software change coming to wikis this week:

When you click on a footnote which is referenced multiple times in an article, it can be hard to find your way back to your reading position in the text. 

This will soon become easier: If you have jumped to a multi-referenced footnote and want to go back to your previous reading position,
1) you can now click on the *jump mark* at the beginning of the footnote (in most wikis it's an arrow, in some, like enwiki, it's a caret ^). The tooltip says "Jump back up".
2) or you can click on the *superscript jump mark* in the footnote. The one leading you back to your original position is now highlighted *bold*.
This second part of the change doesn’t work for wikis where these superscript jump marks are bold by default, e.g. enwiki. If those wikis want this highlighting as well, they would need to change their default style for these superscript jump marks to regular.

Deployment of this change is scheduled for this week’s train [1]. Originating from the German community’s Technical Wishlist, it was made by Wikimedia Germany’s Technical Wishes team [2].

Feedback is always appreciated. The best place for it is the project talk page [3]. More information is available on the project page [4] and on Phabricator [5]. 

Johanna for the Technical Wishes team