Small Cirrus updates:

You can now enable Cirrus as a beta feature on all wikis on which Cirrus is a secondary.  On English wikisource the link is  The name of the feature is "New search" for now.  Yup, we know that it won't be "new" for too long but we hope that it'll become the standard search before it stops being "new".

Mediawiki has cirrus as primary now.

You can now negate incategory: and intitle:.  Example: .  Documentation:  This was another small change the wikinews requested.

I'm still looking to start switching wikis that are currently running cirrus as a secondary to primary starting next Wednesday or so.  We've also scheduled adding more wikis to try cirrus as secondary:  Note that the date on that page is the date that I start indexing so add a day or two for those wikis to finish indexing if you are following along at home.