I would like to improve the gadget sharing across Wikimedia projects. Since there is no central repository for gadgets there is a huge mess: there is no easy way to tell which gadgets exist across all wikis, small communities don't get useful gadgets and some cool gadgets are used only by small communities.
I created a IEG proposal for improving gadget sharing and visual editor support in (relevant) gadgets, and would like to have some feedback from users of other wikis.

Some basic explanation on gadgets, and gadgets statistics across projects can be found now in meta. You may browse the statistics pages, such as the one for wikipedia to find some gadgets that can be useful. Some of the gadgets I didn't think of before and seems to be very useful (+many users enabled them) are markadmins from ru, spell mistakes labelling (Rechtschreibpruefung) used in de and fa, toolserver-integration from de, FlecheHaut (link to top) and LastContrib (shows last edit, and helps to prevent edit conflict) from fr.