While uploading into IA books from an interesting Italian library (http://www.opal.unito.it) we are exploring anything useful to automatize upload and to collect into Internet Archive anu metadata useful to automatize  IA->Commons->wikisource flow and IA metadata retrieval (both by python and by jQuery).

A new collection: opallibriantichi - collects recents uploads from http://www.opal.unito.it and is used to tests and scripts debugging. I got admin privileges for this collection. Most of upload work is going on using itsource tool into Tool Labs at dev-login. 

We're collecting experiences about; in the meantime, we'll wroto something from our present experience into oldwikisource.: https://wikisource.org/wiki/Wikisource_vision_development/Internet_Archive

Please notify in that page (or its Talk page) existence of similar pages/projects/experiences   here or there.