I'm out for the day and will have a call with David tonight, but i agree with Vigneron: from the start, the usergroup was just a "label" that we, as a community, invented to get more attention from wmf, chapters and glam. Also, it provides an umbrella for the sparse and international wikisource community: it is obvious to me that the ug is effective and active as much as we are personally effective and active. I personallycontinue to talk about wikisource in every wikimedia occasion i have. It's not much, but it's slowly increasing awareness about us.also we havenow a great opportunity to discuss azbout wikisource in the new strategy process: unfortunately, very few of us took the chance to express their opinions here, or even in their local community. I think this is still the greatest occasion we have.

Il 08/mag/2017 15:03, "Nicolas VIGNERON" <vigneron.nicolas@gmail.com> ha scritto:
Hi David,

{{citation needed}} :P

More seriously, I don't think that the WScUg has really failed. Sure, it runs slower right now and it can be improved but the group has accomplished some pretty awesome things (especially the wikisource conference in Wien which was awesome and resulted in the hiring of Sam Wilson by the WMF, etc.)

Maybe we can discuss this during the next monthly WScUg Google Hangout?

Cdlt, ~nicolas

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