Thank you Tpt, your tool is *awesome*.
I suggest everyone to use it:
using Internet Archive to get the djvu and then Tpt's tool it's probably the†
best "from-scan-file-to-Commons" cycle I know, the most efficient and easy one.
We are rewriting the italian wikisource Help pages accordingly, it's probably the only option I would like to mention :-)

I always suggest this option to libraries and GLAMs, as they can harness Internet Archive facilities to get different file formats (as the djvu)
and also a good OCR.†

Right now, we only miss to steps to close the cycle:
* have an easy way to Upload a book from Google Books to Internet Archive
* have an easy way to upload metadata from Commons to Wikisource. Maybe Wikidata will help use in this.

Aubrey †

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 10:06 AM, Thomas Tanon <> wrote:

Iíve moved the is-upload tool from Toolserver to WMF labs. itís now there [1]. Please, update links accordingly.

Iíve also rewritten most of it. The new features are:

1. It does not use any more the IaUploadBot Commons user account to upload files but your own account using OAuth. The upload tool will request the upload and edit rights of your account each time you load it (it doesnít store your OAuth credentials anywhere). The edit right is needed because the upload right does not cover the creation of File description pages.

2. Some small bugs are now fixed.


PS: The source code is here [2]. Feel free to contribute!

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