2017-10-31 5:21 GMT+01:00 Sam Wilson <sam@samwilson.id.au>:
I've just been experimenting with adding a quick-statements generator to
https://tools.wmflabs.org/ws-search — search for something, with 'linked
to wikidata = no', and then each row of the results has a popup with
code you can copy and paste into quickstatements.

I don't know if that sort of thing is useful. It's not working with many
fields yet, but I'm finding it faster than entering the basics manually.



It's a good start but I see a lot of things that need heavy improvements. I tried for br and fr Wikisources.

Most importantly not everything on Wikisource is an edition (there is disambig page and editions pages, for instance fr:s:Accroupissements a a work not an edition, it should detect that and change the P31 accordingly)
Then the description is put on « Dfr "edition of Accroupissements by , Arthur Rimbaud" », it should be Den not Dfr, there shouldn't be a comma here, and ideally we should add description in multiple languages (maybe with an external bot ?).
Some others data could probably easily be added (P996 and P1957 at least and maybe P1476 too)

But this has the potential to be a very good tool!

Cdlt, ~nicolas