Hi Andrew

I'm sorry for replying so late,  thank you very much for your offer, I'm sure that  I (we) will contact you, when we convert the next old projects. But at the moment were are pushing hard to reduce the unvalidated pages especially on projects which stay here for a long time without any progress - we call them Altlasten (inherited burdens). 


I'm quite happy, that we found an agreement for the IP's and proofread. 

greetings joergens.mi

2010/7/9 ThomasV <thomasV1@gmx.de>
ok, I just commited a configuration option that
will allow anons to modify pagequality levels.

In the future, I plan to automate semi-protection of
pages when they reach q4 ; this task is currently being
done by robots at de.ws. Note that this option might
cause problems when semi-protection is enabled, because
an anonymous user who sets a page to q4 will be locked
out from editing again. We can restrict IPs to q3 in users
in order to avoid that.


ThomasV a écrit :
> I recently had an interesting IRC discussion with two users of
> the German Wikisource (PDD and Paulis). It turned out that what
> they request is not a complete disabling of the extension's identity
> check, as I thought previously. They want IPs to be allowed to modify
> quality levels, but they also agree with the extension forbidding to
> the same user to set both q3 and q4, or to set q4 directly.
> I think that I can accept such a solution, because it would not
> strongly damage the semantics of q3 and q4. It remains to be
> seen if this solution can be accepted by the rest of the de.ws
> community. They both seemed confident about that.
> Thomas

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