Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is safe and sound in the light of the ongoing Pandemic. I would like to share an update regarding the progress of the Movement Strategy and the design of the transition events.

The Transition Design Group [1] has been meeting 
over the past month to discuss the design of the virtual events that will aim to facilitate the inclusive Transition process for the movement to start implementing the Movement Strategy recommendations [2]. The Design Group discussions have been largely centred around people and their ease of participation, processes for the Transition events, and the legitimacy of the process, needed resources, and communications [3]. Transition will be a turning point for our movement to create a 18-month collaborative implementation work plan that will empower our community and affiliates.

The virtual Transition events are being planned from the month of September to December, 2020. We invite your feedback on the draft outline for the transition events to ensure the events can be as inclusive, participative, and engaging as possible [4]. The draft outline offers both light and detailed information regarding the events. The Transition events aim to be easy to join only once or for multiple events. They are for everyone, whether a newcomer or a seasoned strategy enthusiast. They are being designed for diverse participation across time zones and regions in order to create a movement-wide implementation plan. The review period for the draft outline is till August 20. After receiving your feedback, the Design Group will finalize the plan and the Wikimedia Foundation will ensure the delivery of the events according to the design.

Please comment on the Meta talk page 
[4] and feel free to use the questions below as an orientation:

   1. How can the plan be improved? In your opinion, what are some barriers to entry that must be lowered so everyone can take part in Transition?
   2. How can we make sure that you and your community have what you need to participate in the Transition events?
   3. If you have attended other virtual events, what has your experience been like and what lessons can be applied in this case?

You are also encouraged to share your individual feedback directly via email strategy2030@wikimedia.org for any suggestions or ideas.

On behalf of the Design Team,