Billinghurst pretty much said everything and better than m (thank you).

For an example, you can see : (a text in Algonquin with a djvu on old/mul wikisource ; done thanks to Ernest from Wikimedia Canada, I add him to this email).

Sadly, I'm not available this week-end (and as a European, the time zone complicate things a little bit).

Cdlt, ~nicolas

2016-02-24 12:32 GMT+01:00 billinghurst <>:
Recording the oral history, especially of those peoples that didn't
use a published medium is one that has been mentioned though never
progressed to a conclusion. I am presuming that this is because it is
a limited group of people, and the thought of shepherding it through
is burdensome to newbies.

To me it is primarily a matter for old/mul wikisource as they are the
wiki that caters for small language groups, and predominantly
(exclusively?) all our small languages are at
So I wouldn't want to be speak authoritatively for that community. I
think that it would mean an adaptation to our existing scope, though
would think that there is scope for the community to reasonably expand

That said, I can talk about our (existing) principles. We are a
library and we have been reproducing public domain and freely licensed
works. We do this with a two step process of two proofreads by
different people as a validated process.

For these languages
* we don't have a language configuration existing
=> so that wiki would need to address that.
* The wiki may also want to consider whether such works would be in
the main namespace
=> if not, they may seek to separate to an oral history-type namespace

So my questions would be
* Are we talking about recordings?  Or are we talking about typed
transcriptions. Presumably one or the other uploaded to Commons
=> Transcriptions in djvu are easy as they can fit within our
back-of-house tools
=> Recordings will require thinking about the process of workflow,
especially in a language
Either way, presumably something that can be work with after being

If you are talking about "no" transcriptions and a place to present
hosted (local or commons), then our visual infrastructure is not
configured to focus on voice, so that would require an extension of
our approach.

If you are talking a combination of visual/pictographic and audio,
that will require an amalgam of approaches.

All sounds possible, though it is going to take good discussions with
plenty of to and fro, and possibly directly with the parties.

I suggest that translations into English which would be at English
Wikisource, rely on answers in the above questions before you can even
step through to the peculiarities of another wiki.

Regards, Billinghurst

On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 7:15 PM, Pine W <> wrote:
> Hi Nicolas,
> I am guessing that the languages will be in Alaska Native languages
> primarily, perhaps with some alternative translations in English.
> My guess is that there will be a mix of oral stories with stories that are
> represented in images like totem poles.
> Would you have some time on Sunday when we could meet? I can message you
> off-list to set up a time.
> Pine
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 11:45 PM, Nicolas VIGNERON
> <> wrote:
>> 2016-02-24 8:32 GMT+01:00 Pine W <>:
>>> Hi Wikisourcers,
>>> We in Cascadia Wikimedians have been contacted regarding the topic of
>>> Wikimedia resources that could be used to host materials related to Alaska
>>> Native Elder stories. I'm familiar with Wikisource largely from what I've
>>> heard about it. I've only made one edit. Is there an experienced Wikisourcer
>>> who might be available for me to meet with via IRC or Hangouts sometime, so
>>> that I can get familiar with the basics and provide appropriate guidance
>>> regarding the possibility of uploading Alaska Native Elder stories to
>>> Wikisource?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Pine
>> Hi,
>> Great news !
>> I'm seasoned but probably not the best suited but I can help (via IRC and
>> at least for the basics).
>> Some questions first, to help understand what we're talking about and how
>> to best deal with it :
>> - In what language are these stories ?
>> - Is it books or oral literature ?
>> Cdlt, ~nicolas
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