Consider too the possibility of using a "pseudo-namespace", while testing the stuff it source used a prefix "Opera": for ns0 pages devoided to "works" with few drawback (and the big advantage to make things clear) 


2017-11-02 10:30 GMT+01:00 Sam Wilson <>:
I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of multiple namespaces in wikis. They're mostly not necessary! :-) (Don't worry, I'm not suggesting getting rid of any either.)

And certainly, from the point of view of integrating Wikidata and moving towards better metadata and searchability, I don't think we need all Wikisources to unify on any particular set of namespaces. I think any future metadata system must just work with all the different current set-ups (and I think it can, quite well).


On Thu, 2 Nov 2017, at 05:21 PM, Anika Born wrote:

That might work for me, with a Login.

But does this also work for random readers, who don't have a login? Who don't know, that there are preferences (and especially what can be done with them?) 

But more important: please don't (just) focus in namespaces for every Wikisource-Project. You might loose at least de.WS. I can't see changing something, that works fine for this project...  Especially not to change a system, that is quite different, from what they have now. That is all I am asking for. is working with templates to differ, not with namespaces.

Goethe was an author, but there are also works about Goethe. In portal-page and author-page about Geothe are merged in one. There is no difference. Don't expect something else.

Best, Anika

2017-11-02 9:07 GMT+01:00 billinghurst <>:


That is matter long resolved in my opinion with the change in the default search namespaces that the communities made, and similarly with our redefining content namespaces. While main namespace will always take preference to the other nss in results, they show up pretty quickly where you have an intitle: match.

At enWS I would say that we lost more searches to subpages, so with the ability to change your search preferences with subphrase matches, much of that is addressed (though it is not the default search configuration at this point).

The completion suggester is an algorithm for search suggestions with better typo correction and search relevance.

Corrects up to two typos. Resolves close redirects.

Corrects up to two typos. Resolves close redirects. Matches subphrase in titles.

No typo correction. No accent folding. Strict matching.

No typo correction. Resolves close redirects.

No typo correction. Resolves close redirects. Matches subphrase in titles.

Regards, Billinghurst

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2017-11-01 16:40 GMT+01:00 Nicolas VIGNERON <>:

From afar, the Opera: pages on are very close to the pages with the template {{Éditions}} on or the template {{Versions}} on (and similar system elsewhere).

The main difference is having a separate namespace A second major difference is that the templates on and are very light while the {{Opera}} template took data from Wikidata (but that's an independent problem, it's possible to change the {{Éditions}} or {{Versions}} templates to do exactly the same thing without having a specific namespace).

I'm almost convinced too, but in order to create a new namespace on a project you have to convinced the local community. That's why I'm still playing the Devil's advocate role and want to learn about the inconvenients of this system

A reason why there are no different namespaces for work-, edition-, author-, list- and other portal pages in is the ws-search. When you are looking for "Goethe" in the (simple) search (as readers may do) on WS, you might get to
* with all the interesting stuff, if that page was in another namespace...

So there was the desition to use templates (and categories) for these different kind of pages:,_Texten,_Themen,_Listen

I think German Wikisource Community won't give this up and switch to using multiple namespaces (besides Wikisource: and Page:namespace).


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