Dear all,

I am Shiju Alex and I am a Malayalam Wikisource volunteer - For those who do not know, Malayalam is spoken in the state of Kerala in South India.

We have a special case regarding a notable Malayalam book in Malayalam Wikisource. A notable writer of Malayalam ( is ready to release some of her notable works underĀ  free license (Both text and images)

Few Malayalam wikians want to add this book to Malayalam wikisource. But few others argue that even though book is notable since it is a recent book it can not be in Wikisource. They argue that only source texts which are in public domain need to in wikisource.

I am unable to find any similar case in English wikisource. Could some one please guide us regarding this? My primary question is, If a notable book of a language is available in a wikisource compatibility license can that be added to Wikisource?

If this is done is any other language, can some one please share the links.

Shiju Alex