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If "the game" is presenting pages that it shouldn't, then it needs its
rules refined for the WSes

"The Game" was presenting such pages due to their default behaviour: 

- display a page with no P31 ("instance of") values defined. The user must choose between "Person", "Not sure" or "Not a person"
- If "Person" is picked, the page on Wikidata is edited and "P31: Q5" (instance of: person) is added to the page;
- If "Not sure" is picked, the page is skiped;
- If "Not a person" is picked, the page is skiped and removed from the internal list of pages to check

It was very common to such pages being displayed for me because I've changed my "prefer languages" to "pt, es, ca, it, gl". It was very boring and, since the real intention of "The Game" is to fulfill Wikidata with some kind of initial data, I've created a workaround to remove such pages from "The Game": setting an "instance of" thought a set of scripts [1] [2].

I was initially working on a title basis (if "The Game" displays "Book title: 098", I'll look on es.wikisource to get the main work category, generally, Categoría:Book_title), but later I've done some research on es.wikisource and found [[Categoría:Subpáginas]] and added my instance of-workaround to the pages already created on Wikidata (luckily a very minor amount).

But even at the end of this workaround run I was still able to found some pages, mostly because their book_title-category wasn't still created on es.wikisource, or because the category wasn't on Subpáginas tree. I've managed to add my workaround also for those, but possibly there's still some pages without it at some place on Wikidata.

[1] https://tools.wmflabs.org/bene/itemsbycat/ + https://tools.wmflabs.org/wikidata-todo/autolist2.php

[2] - Random sample: https://www.wikidata.org/w/index.php?title=Q15893114&diff=137555158&oldid=114016434