2016-11-03 8:36 GMT+01:00 mathieu stumpf guntz <psychoslave@culture-libre.org>:

I guess that the "100 livres en 100 jours" (100 books in 100 days) challenge help somewhat. The goal is to treat a whole new book everyday. No anticipation work allowed. Missing the goal a single day reset the counter.

Le 03/11/2016 à 01:46, Sam Wilson a écrit :
Yes, I agree! :-) There're so many smallish things that I reckon can go a long way towards making Wikisources bigger and better.

And it keeps surprising me how many people within the Wikimedia movement aren't familiar with how Wikisource works — and are amazed when they're shown! :-) It really does seem that we're not very good at advertising ourselves. (Well, one doesn't like to blow one's own trumpet, does one?)

Talking of stats, what is French Wikisource doing that's so successful at getting things proofread and validated?

Yes, the 100 books in 100 days challenge helps a bit, but growth comes mainly from Zoé, who corrects all volumes of the "Revue des Deux Mondes", and the partnership with the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (Quebec National Archives and Library), due to the leadership of Ernest. See https://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/Wikisource:BAnQ and http://www.banq.qc.ca/activites/wiki/wiki-source.html