I'm not active at deWS anymore, so I think I can see this problem from the distance by now.

How to you suppose a mediator should work if clearly one party is not interested in doing even the smallest compromise.

The patch to make an optional parameter to switch on IP editing again was suggested. This would have been a compromise.

You and several others claim that it is only the German community that wants to allow IPs to proofread.
If that is the truth then there would be no danger in creating this optional parameter. Only the German community would use and that month-long fight would finally be done.
If it is not the truth then there would be something seriously wrong with the way this all was handled by all who thinks it is just de.WS. But as all of you think that it is just them ...

There were people willing to provide a working code for it so that ThomasV just needs to fit it in. AFAIK there is already a first idea available which just needs some work..

So I still not understand what the problem with the patch is. You guys already don't consider the statistics by deWS correct anyway so the statistics can't be a reason. The fighting would stop. And maybe seeing that there are options this whole extension would look a bit more promising to the majority of communities who don't use the extension at all.
Sorry, but some kind of principles (until now you always claimed that it was a common community decision) are not a could enough reason for this kind of fighting. If he wanted to program only for his principles than he is in the wrong kind of project. AFAIK Wikimedia is still a project for the masses (which would include IPs) or was that changed in the last few month? And then he should never have suggested for other people to use it. Not wanting to share is a typical behaviour of proprietary software and that if a contradiction to everything these projects are about.

lg, Cecil

2010/7/3 <syagrius@gmx.fr>

de.ws is already not respecting the system, because it didn't marked the empty pages as "Empty". fr.ws has 17000 empty pages, en.ws has 15000, de.ws has 1000. I suppose that a great part of the missing 14000 or 15000 are marked as "Validated"... and de.ws has 54000 validated pages.

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* Thirdly, if the de.wikisource community decides, by vote or by
consensus, that they want IPs to be allowed to change the quality
status of pages, they can do this without destroying
ProofreadPage. They just need to step out of the ProofreadPage
quality system
, and restore their previous system in place of it.
I am willing to explain how to do this to any technically skilled
person. Note that I already made the same proposal in bugzilla
8 months ago.
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