On 6/3/06, ThomasV <thomasV1@gmx.de> wrote:
it is necessary to move texts from ws.org to the new subdomains.
this has to be done by developers, in order to preserve page history.
And this has to be done quickly, before we get duplicates of texts,
duplicates of error corrections, duplicates of formatting, and
all the mess.

Doing this is possible only if someone tells them what are the texts to be
moved. Therefore there needs to be at least one active person per new
subdomain, who can recognize the language, and tell them what the list
of pages to be moved is.

I doubt this procedure has been followed for those new subdomains.

I fear the mess to come...
Fortunately, the number of texts we have in these languages is either so small or non-existant (do we even have any Vietnamese texts?) that should there be any mess, it shouldn't be too difficult to wade through.  Of course, this requires there to be a few active users from the respective languages working on these subdomains, which is where I'm concerned.  As very few of these new domains were showed any major interest by the community, I hope they don't become vandal magnets.