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There was a post to English Wikisource Scriptorium that mentioned this and a subsequent update

The phabricator channel for Wikisources is worth watching

The phabricator channel for ProofreadPage similarly

Where there is any release coming that is impactful for Wikisources, one is able to add the changes so they are marked to appear in Tech News eg.

Similarly there is a mailing list for Tech Ambassadors where impactful news can be sent

There is the message delivery list for Wikisource Scriptoriums
anyone can create messages for use, though it needs "massmessage" right at metawiki so we need someone from
to send. There are numbers of members of WS communities who can do that, and it is not an issue to get more members of community added.

-- billinghurst

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Hi Ankry,
 on Italian Wikisource and on Neapolitan Wikisource there are "Technical" village pumps. I suppose that would be the correct place to post it if there is such a page in other languages.
It would be interesting to see what happens if a whole community writes on Phabricator in order to delay a major deployment...
It happened in the past that we used global CSS to nullify (display=None) a newly deployed feature that wasn't mature enough. Here it would require more work I suppose, but I am sure that it can be done. 

What I am trying to say is that it's ridiculous to be passive when a different community (the so called developers) modify a project without any contact with the users.
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On Sat, 20 Nov 2021 at 18:36, Ankry <> wrote:

Well, I was notified by techncally skilled users that the ned OpenSeadragon library is much heavier and more memory consuming than curreently used tools. So I can only hope that its load into memory can be disabled if one needs so.

(may be critical while working on multiple pages at once)

However, I doubt if any technical comments from communities expressed here will reach developers. And which wiki pages would be more appropriate for such comments.


W dniu 20.11.2021 o 14:33, Ruthven pisze:
Hi all,
  as usual, I get surprised every time there are major changes on the MediaWiki software that are deployed without providing advance warning to the community.
Every time it's the same story: something stops working on the project. A gadget, a toolbar or some personalised JS.

This time it was T288141 (see, that was deployed in all the Wikisources (then rolled back because WikiMedia computer scientists are the best) completely disrupting redesigning the image side of the Page namespace. This affected the toolbars (see and several gadgets around all the Wikisources.

I am not saying that MediaWiki software shouldn't be improved: it's normal that we're trying to get all we can from this outdated software. I am just asking that major changes that affect all the Wikisources should be announced in every single Village Pump waaay before deploying them on the projects.

Is it possible, as a Usergroup, to do a little pressure to be considered as a community and not as guinea pigs on which to deploy new, partially-tested features?

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