2014-11-23 2:55 GMT+01:00 Wiki Billinghurst <billinghurstwiki@gmail.com>:
What do we see as the next components for Wikisource?

What are our major hurdles for system development?

If we were offered development help where do people think that we
should be making use of that help?  Is it incremental fixes,
transactional changes, or are we wanting transformational changes,
completely new features, and new opportunities?

Regards, Billinghurst

Not sure but I think improving what we already have is more a priority (ePub / PDF export - on the fly ? - book/page namespaces, better OCR, Wikidata integration ?).

Plus, you can find some profitable infos on  http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikisource_Community_User_Group/Wikisource_survey_report ; it's a bit old but still relevant.

Cdlt, ~nicolas