Hi Susan, what you mean by 100 books? Have you completed the ocr job for 100 books ? Or have you validated the 100 books? 

If you have validate the 100 books , please make them a category and share it here for my next Indic Wikisource update of Oct 2017.

On 04-Oct-2017 10:29 PM, "sushant savla" <sushant_savla@rediffmail.com> wrote:
Dear All,

On blissful day of 02 October 2017, Gujarati Wikisource has completed digitization of 100 books. The Journey had begun with a small book "Rachantmak Kaaryakram" written by Mahatma Gandhi and co-incidentally on his Birth day the 100th mile stone was achieved. The first book was started on 18-03-2012 and within period of 5 and half years feat of 100 books were reached by co-operative contribution of community members.

The collection of book on Gujarati Source includes variety of books like Plays, Novels, Short stories, Poetry collection, Autobiography, History etc.

One name needs a special mention on this occasion who has a lion's share in contributions. Wikipedian Mr. Ashok Vaishanv from Ahmedabad is senior citizen, and has contributed in almost all projects regularly & tirelessly. His energy provides inspiration to others to contribute More.

On this occasion we wish to say a Big "THANK YOU" to all the contributors, technical supporters, literature providers etc. for their direct and indirect contribution to the project with out whom this day would not have come so early.

Thank you,

Sushant Savla

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