Personally my feel about statements is that they are so much bold, to be discouraging + a little bit frustrating -  somehow related to Neuro-linguistic programming or business coaching. Am I alone to feel this?


2017-06-02 16:13 GMT+02:00 Andrea Zanni <>:
Dear all,
cycle 2 for strategy is started.

The Wikimedia movement strategy core team and working groups have completed reviewing the more than 1800 thematic statements we received from the first discussion. They have identified 5 themes that were consistent across all the conversations - each with their own set of sub-themes. These are not the final themes, just an initial working draft of the core concepts.

This round of discussions will take place between now and June 12th. You can discuss as many as you like; we ask you to participate in the ones that are most (or least) important to you.

I think that, as an international community, it's important for us to give our opinion on the themes proposed. They are:

* Healthy, Inclusive Communities
* The Augmented Age
* A Truly Global Movement
* The Most Respected Source of Knowledge
* Engaging in the Knowledge Ecosystem

I'm not sure if you want to discuss it here, on the mailing list, or you prefer to set up pages on your local wikisource, or both. You can also go and discuss directly on Meta¹.

I just set up the pages on it.source, and will (desperately) try to revamp the discussion there.
If you need a hand in understanding what to do, please ask: the process is complicated for everyone ;-)


¹ movement/2017/Cycle 2/Healthy, Inclusive Communities movement/2017/Cycle 2/The Augmented Age movement/2017/Cycle 2/A Truly Global Movement movement/2017/Cycle 2/The Most Respected Source of Knowledge movement/2017/Cycle 2/Engaging in the Knowledge Ecosystem

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