On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 9:40 AM, Jane Darnell <jane023@gmail.com> wrote:
Sometimes a book becomes famous just for one passage, and that passage
may not even be indexed in the original version. How do you add these
links? On Wikimedia Commons you can keep on adding values to fields,
and change the "Information" template to "Artwork" to get more fields.
You can even add annotations to files and then put links to other
files in the annotations, so that through the "Global usage" property
you can see where such prints have been "quoted" or re-used. How do
you do this with books?

I think this is complex and should be addressed with a new vision of what quotes, citations and annotations are, 
and how to exploit and manage them better.
Right now, we don't have the (software) infrastructure to do that.
If we could integrate textus or other annotation tool with MediaWiki, probably things could change.