Hello fellow Wikisource enthusiasts!

We are hosting this month's Wikisource Community meeting on 24 September 2023, 10 AM UTC (zonestamp) according to this wudele poll.

The first half of the meeting will be focused on non-technical updates and conversations like events, conferences, proofread-a-thons and collaborations. The second half will be focused on technical updates and conversations, such as talking about major challenges faced by Wikisource communities, similar to the ones conducted in previous Community meetings.

If you are interested in joining the meeting, kindly leave a message on sgill@wikimedia.org

and we will add you to the calendar invite. 

Meanwhile, feel free to check out the page on Meta-wiki and suggest any other topics for the agenda.


Parthiv and Kolawole

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikisource_Community_meetings