I just create last week this page http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Chapters_Association/Chapters_Exchange/Digitization

to try to aggregate chapter's experience in digitization project.



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Le 13 juin 2013 15:39, Lars Aronsson <lars@aronsson.se> a crit :

Some research libraries in Stockholm (at archives and
museums) have put up book scanners that the public
can use. They have the same function as a public
copier, but you get your copies on a USB stick rather
than on paper.

This opens an interesting opportunity for Wikisource and
similar volunteer book scanning projects. Instead of
buying expensive equipment, experimenting with
cameras and lighting, or building your own scanner,
you can just visit such a library. I guess you can even
bring your own book and scan it there, instead of just
using the library's books. (Of course you still need to
consider copyright. That goes without saying.)

Wikimedia Sverige, the Swedish chapter of the WMF,
started a wiki page to document some experience
from this kind of use, in Swedish of course,

Here is an example of a book that was scanned this way,
(Ironically, it is the annual report for 1897 of the museum
where it was scanned. They have the scanner standing in
their own library, but they have not scanned their own

Are you familiar with anyting similar? Any other pages
that we should link to?

 Lars Aronsson (lars@aronsson.se)

 Wikimedia Sverige - std fri kunskap - http://wikimedia.se/

 Project Runeberg - free Nordic literature - http://runeberg.org/

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