It’s possible to create a new content type called something like ‘TEI’ that would replace wikitext with its own renderer. This capacity have been added in MediaWiki for Wikidata development. In order to make it used by the ProofreadPage extension it’s possible but not completely easy.

The pointed extension only adds some TEI tags to Wikitext markup and, so, isn’t an solution for this problem. Implement a full solution is a big task but not really difficult if we have a good TEI -> HTML renderer. It can be done, I think, in one or two months of work.


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On 11/21/2013 03:55 PM, Andrea Zanni wrote:
I stumbled across this extension because today my collegues came to me asking about the Proofread extension and TEI.
the have a very common problem: they need a collaborative TEI editor for transcribing a scanned manuscript.
This is something we know, as many GLAMs and professors have the same issue;
and this is something that wikisource did not know how to handle.

Why are your colleagues doing TEI markup?
What is the output? How is it used? What is
it that TEI markup gives them, that the current
Wikisource process (scanning + proofreading
+ wiki markup + transclusion) doesn't give them?

My collegues (from the University of Bologna digital library)
are working for a Digital Humanities project.
In the DH field (Asaf, you can weight in here :-)
you often need to mark up some correction, notes, sequence of corrections, mispellings, differences between manuscripts and printed works, etc.
We can't get that level of "granularity", on Wikisource (or, we could, via templates).

The TEI is a standard de fact markup language for these kind of philological issues.

My idea (from my limited understanding) is that if we develop a good MediaWiki extension for this, many researchers will then use MediaWiki + proofredExtesnsion + TEI extension
as a collaborative TEI editor. Then they can visualize these data as they want, as in these projects:

Some of them, I hope could actually use Wikisource, if we alreqady had all the software needed. 


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