On 6/3/06, Brianna Laugher <brianna.laugher@gmail.com> wrote:
So... which developer actually created these? te.ws was approved with
just two supporters, if that archive page is correct. There are other
similarly lowlyy-supported requests.

I mean the dev's must feel a bit damned-if-they-do,
damned-if-they-don't, no creations for so long and people complain,
then a whole bunch and people still complain.... but I'm sure there's
*some* kind of standard minimum requirement, right?
If there is, it's on the side of the developers (or similar powers-that-be).  I'm not aware of any official Wikisource policy that dictates when a new language has enough support.  But only the languages which have a wide range of support from their community ever have bug reports filed or ever approach a developer to set up the new sub-domain.  As of right now...er, as of two days ago...the only languages I was aware of having enough active support were Estonian, Finnish, and Hungarian.  The support for the creation of the other language sub-domains seemed to have waned over the past months, resulting in no one strongly enough desiring to have the domains actually set up.
And I don't think anyone here is complaining.  It's great that the languages have been set up, but we are concerned a bit.  I'm remembering the September 11 wiki, where after a while the only activity on Recent changes was vandalism and reversion of vandalism.  I just don't want that to happen to any of the smaller languages here.