I am very excited for this conference and happy that we listen a lot to the request of others who show concern.

I remember making this suggestion at the WMCON 15 and am glad to finally see it coming to life. I however wish to say that upon reading the conference page on Meta, I added a new line to the curriculum for the beginners section for the program.

I added Beginners Walkthrough. This is particularly important to me and i believe that was the main reason behind my suggestion or perhaps part of the reason for this conference. I thought it will be a perfect opportunity to train interested individuals who have no or little help finding their way around Wikisource.

I have tried several times to contribute to Wikisource but have no idea where to start from. So i have resorted to proofreading texts. I think often than not this is the situation people face, and will appreciate a beginners walkthrough at its very basic level.


On Aug 7, 2015 2:40 PM, "Andrea Zanni" <zanni.andrea84@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear all, 
thanks to Wikimedia Österreich we are organizing the first international Wikisource Conference, which will be held in Wien, Austria, from November 20 till 22, this year.

We are finalizing the application for a WMF grant, and would like to receive some feedbacks:

Hopefully, everything will go for the better and we will receive the money.
From there, a lot of work have to be done!

Here there is the page for the conference on Meta:

It's up to *you* to come up with a program for the conference :-)
Seriously: it's important that this will be a community event, and community curated too.
We will have many things to discuss, and we hope it will be great event.
And yes: if everything goes as expected, there will be scholarships, but it's crucial that we involve our Chapters. 
More on this soon.

Spend some time in the weekend to give us some honest feedback!
I hope you are excited about this as we are. 


Andrea, David, Claudia

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