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Hi Ankry, Asaf and all,

On behalf of West Bengal Wikimedians User Group (WBG), I can send formal request to Wikisource User Group to become a partner in all Wikisource related events organized by WBG. For last 4 years, WBG had been running several proofread contests and campaigns on Bengali Wikisource, bringing GLAM institutional and other partnerships and generating general awareness around Wikisource and if it requires a formal declaration to involve Wikisource user group into these initiatives, we will be very happy to do that. We will not ask anything in return but if some expertise, guidance and connections are provided by Wikisource user group members at those events, that would be great for us.
All WBG events related to Wikisource will then can be easily incorporated into Wikisource user group annual reports in future without any issue.

If this proposal seems OK to you all, please let me know and I will start the process from our side as soon as possible.

I actually think that would defeat the purpose of user group activity reports.  That purpose is twofold: to share news *from* the group to peers, and to allow *assessment* of the group's own activities.  It is specifically not the goal for the group's activity report to be a round-up of all activities and news related to the *theme* of the group, like the GLAM[1] and Education[2] newsletters, whether or not the group was involved.

If the *group* maintained a loose communication network between Wikisource volunteers and communities, and that's the only *group* activity this year, I think it is both appropriate and perfectly enough for the activity report to say just that.

(Actually, creating a Wikisource newsletter on the model of the GLAM/Education newsletters might itself be a perfect activity for the group! And then could be reported in the activity report. "Maintained the Wikisources newsletter [link]".)



[1] https://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/GLAM/Newsletter/Archives
[2] https://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/Education/News/Archive

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