Hi all,

KRLS and I have been working on a tool to count the number of points for the proofreading contest organized in Catalan wikisource, which could prove useful for others running the contest. There are no bugs that we know of, but beware for it comes with no warranty ;-).

The code can be found at http://pastebin.com/gkPVLDHB and uses pywikipedia's latest version ("core"/"rewrite"). You can also find annotations on what is to be changed for other editions. Basically, variables "llibres" and "end" need to be replaced by whatever books are used, and the length of each. You should also take into account the fact that it uses UTC time; adapt lines 71, 77 and 80 to your needs.

I think that's all. In case you find bugs or need some extra features count with KRLS and me.

Joan Creus.