Thanks Mathieu.
What really strikes me is that challenge is doable in fr.wikisource: in many others would be complete madness ;-)
Also, Polish Wikisource is doing great.

What interest me is understanding how they are building their community of active and super-active proofreaders: are they doing something that other wikisource aren't?


On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 8:36 AM, mathieu stumpf guntz <> wrote:

I guess that the "100 livres en 100 jours" (100 books in 100 days) challenge help somewhat. The goal is to treat a whole new book everyday. No anticipation work allowed. Missing the goal a single day reset the counter.

Le 03/11/2016 à 01:46, Sam Wilson a écrit :
Yes, I agree! :-) There're so many smallish things that I reckon can go a long way towards making Wikisources bigger and better.

And it keeps surprising me how many people within the Wikimedia movement aren't familiar with how Wikisource works — and are amazed when they're shown! :-) It really does seem that we're not very good at advertising ourselves. (Well, one doesn't like to blow one's own trumpet, does one?)

Talking of stats, what is French Wikisource doing that's so successful at getting things proofread and validated?


On Thu, 3 Nov 2016, at 02:16 AM, Andrea Zanni wrote:
Thanks, Jayanta,
is very important that you keep track of this progress.
Have you talked with Sam Wilson about this?
There could be many ways in which the WMF can help you
analyze this important moment of the Indic community,
and it's also very important to them (and their donors)
to understand how do they have an impact.
Google OCR is a "simple thing", but we ("Western wikisources) learned very late that
OCR was not available in many Indic languages.
I have shown many people in the WMF the stats about Telugu Wikisource (the peak in the chart)
and it's crucial that many other people inside WMF is aware of that.
The Indic Wikisource community can show that there are very "cheap" things the WMF can do to help their communities thrive. The Indic Wikisource community thus has a big responsability ;-)

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 7:02 PM, Jayanta Nath <> wrote:
Hello all,

We've just published the November 2016 Indic Wikisource statistics. After implementing Google OCR script to our all Indic Wikisource , they are growing rapidly.

Here is the few stats ans their top three rank...
As per Number of article
1. Sanskrit Wikisource ( 15445 pages) -  supported by 0.05% scan pages.
2. Telugu Wikisource ( 11707 pages) - supported by 24.3% scan pages.
3. Kannada Wikisource ( 7864 pages) - supported by 0.99% scan pages.

As per Number of page Validation

1. Telugu Wikisource (  18142 pages)
2. Tamil Wikisource ( 5167 pages)
3. Gujarati Wikisource ( 3729 pages)

As per Number of page Proofread

1. Telugu Wikisource ( 20213 pages)
2. Malayalam Wikisource ( 8065 pages)
3. Tamil Wikisource ( 7737 pages)

As per percentage supported by scan pages.
1. Bengali Wikisource  (25.90%)
2. Telugu Wikisource ( 24.30%)
3. Gujarati Wikisource (17.51%)
I want to specially mention that there are no visible improvement at Marathi and Assamese Wikisource.

For Sanskrit and Kannada Wikisource, they need to exploring their work of proofreaded text towards scan page support.
Jayanta Nath
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