I can't agrre to the argumentation of Lars, that index and page name spaces are a bad solution. I think ThomasV  has seen the problems of mixing articles and scan pages in a single work space. In de.ws we had this, before we started with ThomasV (PR2) extension. In the beginning I can't see any benefit from this method and argued against it. But meantime after working quite a long time with ThomaV System, I see that it is more comfortable to make a difference  between the working place  (index / page) and the presentation room (main) workspace.

And I think most of our community is thinking the same way.  New projects are started with PR2, the number of projects startet with PR1 (the js-solution we had before) extension is nearly to zero.  We are working on transfering older projects to PR2, even with the inherited problems mentioned above.

my reply to your last post, 3 hours ago

"They want IPs to be allowed to modify quality levels, but they also agree with the extension forbidding to
the same user to set both q3 and q4, or to set q4 directly."  ( bold settings are done by me)

I agree completely to this statement you've extracted from your discussion with paulis and pdd. I'm quite confident, that this can be called a consens in the de.community.
But there is  one wish from me, is there a possibilty, to add a solution for transfering a validated old project to your PR2 extension directly - 
maybe be giving (an) admin the right to set q4 directly - but restricted to that purpose.

Greetings joergens.mi

2010/7/3 Andrea Zanni <zanni.andrea84@gmail.com>

But my suggestion is that we start to compile a catalog
of such problems, rather than submitting bug reports.
Where is a good place to start?

Could it be this very mailing list, because AFAIK there is no active page for discussing about intersource matters.
Another place could be Gdansk: probably several of us are willing to go to Wikimania,
an I consider it a crucial occasion to meet, discuss and understand each other.
Wikisources are many, very different and extremely complicated, but with great, huge potential.
Best thing we can do is to see each other in the eyes and start creating a proper intersource community,
sharing experiences, competences and ideas.
I'll be there, hope you'll be too. Maybe we can arrange a meeting.


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