2010/6/29 Michael Jörgens <joergens.mic@googlemail.com>
Just to clarify,
I disagree with "The bridge between ThomasV and de.WS has been burnt."

We have strong controverse discussions and still different viewpoints - unfortunately there is no movement of ThomasV in any of his statements. But we must use ThomasV work and find ways to get better solutions. 

One of our big problems is, that there is neihter a js-programmer  nor an php programmer  in our community to find better implementations or workarounds for the problems.

Just a brief general comment:  how much I'll would like a single, large, commons-like multilengual wikisource... shared tools, shared templates, shared tricks, shared js, php, python experts, working together ... no more troubles with multilengual books.... no more Iwpage templates and other difficult interlanguage transclusions... :-(