Hi guys,
   during the Wikisource triage meetings we discussed the opportunity of using Foundation and Chapter grants in order to improve the project (focusing on the ProofreadPage extension),  instead of waiting for the Annual Wishlist or hoping for some computer scientist user with a lot of good will. Other User Groups regularly ask for grants with success, even if the activities do not directly improve the projects. 

We were lucky because WMI (Wikimedia Italy) funded two grants we requested. We asked for grants for developers on very punctual tasks.

Sohom is adapting theEdit-in-sequence gadget, used in some projects, to have it natively in the ProofreadPage extension. Jay is upgrading the BookReader (currently, this tool is limited to the Indic Wikisource community)  so that other global Wikisource communities can also use it. Sam is supervising in his work hours the two projects.

Here's the link to the WMI announcement:  https://www.wikimedia.it/news/sostenere-le-idee-dei-volontari-per-liberare-conoscenza/

Let's hope that we can pursue this course of action in the future, in order to have efficient and up-to-date projects. Check with your local chapter if there are grants available for developers, and join us in the Triage meetings!

Ruthven on Wikipedia