Into it.source we are  trying to implement a tool to build work-specific dictionaries; the tool saves interactively the list of "verified" words and the list of "wrong word sostitutions", the latter in a format that allows a fast replacing of "wrong words" with"right words" into the wikitext. The tool works both in view/submit mode (to feed and to edit the dictionary) and in edit mode (to edit the dictionary and to launch substitution). Words retrieval turned out simpler working on html than on wikitext. 

Lists are saved into localStorage space, but can be exported into wiki pages to be shared with other users. There's no server contribution, but managing storig pages (that fastly grow to large sizes; but saving lists into pages is optional, and they could be shared too using external repositories like Dropbox or similar services).

I'll tell you the result of more tests - first results of draft scripts seem incouraging.