Cool. Thanks, ThomasV.

2010/7/3 ThomasV <>
I recently had an interesting IRC discussion with two users of
the German Wikisource (PDD and Paulis). It turned out that what
they request is not a complete disabling of the extension's identity
check, as I thought previously. They want IPs to be allowed to modify
quality levels, but they also agree with the extension forbidding to
the same user to set both q3 and q4, or to set q4 directly.

I think that I can accept such a solution, because it would not
strongly damage the semantics of q3 and q4. It remains to be
seen if this solution can be accepted by the rest of the
community. They both seemed confident about that.


Alexander Klauer a écrit :
> Hi Thomas,
> if someone gave you a patch which made the functionality desired by
> several members of the German Wikisource non-default optional, would
> you apply it? (It seems that John wants to develop something along
> these lines, if I interpret his post correctly.)
> Best regards,
> Alexander
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